• The Alberto y Dolores Andrade IAP (ADA) Foundation, was found for the great will and philanthropic vision of their founders, Alberto y Dolores Andrade.

• Alberto Andrade was the founder in 1905 of “Andrade and Zaragoza”; enterprise dedicated to the manufacture of butter, cheeses, creams and paraffin candles and stearin.

• In this way, the famous Butter Gloria, the first pasteurized butter of the country was born in 1915 under the motto "The oldest and the most modern"; With its traditional yellow and green packaging, consolidated in 1925 as the favorite of Mexican homes for its great taste and quality.

• Due to its great growth, in 1946 the company changed its name to Cremeria Americana, becoming an icon of the companies processing dairy.

• When Mr. Andrade passed away in 1952, his wife, Mrs. Dolores Contreras de Andrade, oversees the company; Who for 24 years consolidated the success of Cremeria Americana.

• In 1976, Mrs. Andrade died, and she left as a last wish to help Mexican children through better education. With that great altruistic vision, the ADA Foundation, Private Assistance Institution (IAP) was born, becoming the universal owner of Cremeria Americana, S.A. de C.V.

• ADA Foundation, IAP, is managed by a board of trustees, whose sole objective is to provide permanent economic support to children of high academic performance from the primary level to the doctorate; Encouraging them to obtain good qualifications and to form themselves as distinguished and skilled people.

Also, the ADA Foundation, IAP provides services for the benefit of its fellows, highlighting the vocational guidance for those who are about to begin their studies of higher education. It should be noted that many of our postgraduate and undergraduate scholarship holders have had the opportunity to conduct exchanges at various universities abroad, in countries such as Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States and Canada. The formal work of the ADA Foundation, IAP began in 1980 with students of basic education, and to date has been granted support to more than three thousand twenty-five fellows, of whom 627 have successfully completed their studies.

The philosophy of the ADA Foundation, IAP is summarized as follows:

• To support students of academic excellence regardless of their socioeconomic level, giving priority to those with limited resources. Represent a stimulus for their education and training through the help provided. Precede the quality to the amount of the assistance provided by the ADA Foundation, IAP to its fellows, to give them a personalized follow-up to factors such as their qualifications, behavior, family situation, among others.

• Currently, the ADA Foundation, IAP, provides more than 1,300 monthly financial support to all levels of school, distributed between public and private institutions.