Our Organisation

Since the establishment of the company has been in constant evolution, with more than 110 years of tradition in Mexico. This evolution and growth unfold to market orientation, the use of raw materials of excellent quality to the implementation of technology day by day and human resource.
cremeria americana

                                                  1905 - 1920

January 5th 1905, in the street of Jimenez in the Center of the City of Mexico, was established a small business of manufacture and sale of butter called "Andrade and Zaragoza", surnames of two visionaries. The first sought to give Mexico butter high quality and the second that relied on the first.

To this end, Don Alberto Andrade elaborated his products with an advanced technique for his pasteurization period against the rudimentary processes of milk skim and whipping cream of the period. Turning into first in implement the sterilization process for butter in the country, making the slogan "the oldest and the most modern" true. Don Andrade convinces his partner Zaragoza to settle on the outskirts of the city, in the quiet neighborhood of Tacubaya, where they would have better growth opportunities.

1920 - 1945

A few years later, Don Alberto launches to the market “Mantequilla Gloria”, which from its beginnings until nowadays, became a favorite product of the housewives, bakers, restauranteurs, and confectioners, for the taste and quality.

By 1930, the company expanded to establish, distribution centers in Guadalajara and Monterrey. In 1932 Mr. Andrade married with Mrs. Dolores Contreras, who helped him a lot in the formation of this company. In the 40's, Don Alberto remains as sole shareholder of the company and decides to change the name to "Cremeria Americana, S.A.", in recognition of the system of work "American" ... arduous and tenacious.

1950 - 1980

Don Alberto died in 1952 and his wife took the management of the company in the middle of 60's, Doña Dolores decided to institutionalize the company through the formation of a Board of Directors, which led Cremeria Americana to a development and growth that remains to the present.

In 1976 Ms. Dolores Contreras de Andrade died, who established as his last will, help Mexican children through better education. With that great altruistic vision, leave instructions for the creation of the Alberto and Dolores Andrade Foundation, I.A.P. (ADA Foundation), which becomes the universal owner of Cremeria Americana.

2000 - Actual

Currently, the ADA Foundation provides financial support to more than 1,250 grantee’s every month at all levels of school in both public and private institutions. The contribution of this social cause represents in itself a growth of our society. "Educating with Glory" is the campaign of diffusion of this noble work that is worth giving to know and to be proud to be part of her.

Currently, Cremería Americana has 21 distribution centers, over 800 employees and more than 150 products that are marketed in hotels, restaurants, cafes, self-services and corner stores. In addition to delivering to prestigious bakeries where they make bread with the well-known and traditional Gloria Butter, thus like another endless family of products such as Untarella, San Antonio, La Abuelita, Dalia, Lechef, among others.